Boyd Martin

Horseman Boyd MartinBoyd Martin, a New South Whales, Australian native, was born to Toa and Ross Martin on August 1979. If the name Toa and Ross Martin sound familiar it’s because it should. Both of Martin’s parents were Olympians that had participated in competitions in 1968. Toa Martin competed in speed skating, while Ross Martin competed in cross-country skating. If there’s one thing that both of Martin’s parents understood very well, that would be competition, commitment, and extreme determination. This would be instilled in Martin early on in his life.

The Early Years for Boyd Martin

Although Boyd Martin did have a very eventful childhood, he always dreamed about horses and being one of the best riders, trainer and coach he could be. He finished his early school career only to go on and seek higher education which he completed in 1997. In 1998, he was able to secure his NCAS level I certificate of coaching, as well as the NSW Equestrian Center Horsemanship Certificate.

In order to stay busy and within a field that he loved so dearly, Martin Boyd decided to continue working in Australia at the New South Wales equestrian Center for seven years – dating from 1999 through 2006. Throughout that time, he worked extremely hard at learning every aspect of equestrian training which included training event horses, coaching, breeding performance horses, and breaking young horses. At this time, he worked with a well-known equestrian rider by the name of Heath Ryan.

Boyd Martin’s Move to the US

After learning a great deal under the wings of Heath Ryan, Martin decided it was time to form his own company which he called Windurra Australia Party Ltd. At his company he did pretty much the same thing as he did under Heath Ryan which was training event horses, coaching, breeding performance horses, and breaking in young horses. During these same years he also competed in a number of competitions and events throughout Australia. Some of those competitions led to some extremely great moments which includes the time he won at the Adelaide CCI** in 2003. At that time he was riding a very unique horse by the name of True Blue Toozac.

The reason why this event was also important is because it was the Olympic selection trials for the Athens Olympics being held in 2004. In addition, it was considered one of the long last format 4-star events that was ever going to be held. As a 4-Star Eventing competitor, Martin had definitely made a mark for himself in the US. After moving to the US in 2007, Martin Boyd decided to enter a debut competition. To everyone’s astonishment, Martin Board was able to amass 306 points at the US Eventing Association’s Rider of the Year Leader Board which was an all-time record for a debuting rider.

Martin moved on to the Fair Hill International CCI** where he finished 4th riding Neville Bardos, and second riding Ying Yang Yo. After providing such a performance, both of Martin’s horses and Martin himself were placed on the Australian Olympic team’s short list. However, Boyd Martin had aspirations of winning metal at the Olympics and went on to train under Philip Dunn. Martin would train as a US national equestrian team member under Dutton. He would go on to win more competitions and ultimately find himself in the 2012 Olympics in London.