Boyd and Silva Martin – Dressage Training

Boyd and Sylvia Martin are serious competitors when it comes to comparing competition horses and owners. Quite frankly, this pair makes up a unique couple in terms of training, competing, and the horses they own. In the following paragraphs you’re going to discover more about Boyd and Sylvia Martin, as well as the tasks that need to be performed in order to train equestrians for dressage. Once you’ve had a chance to read through this information, you’ll have a better understanding about Boyd Martin, as well as that of Sylvia Martin and their training styles.

Boyd Martin

Boyd Martin was born in Australia in 1979 and has lived there up until 2007. At that time, he decided to relocate to the United States and accomplish a dream of his that has always been to enter equestrian competition on an international setting. He always felt that he could do extremely well in three-day Eventing. After careful consideration, in 2009 he decided to complete the change of his citizenship from Australian to US FEI. Since that time, he’s been riding for the United States.

Sylvia Martin

Sylvia Martin was born in Germany and has been raised around horses all of her life. Not only has she been raised around horses she has also developed a unique skill as an instructor of an extreme high caliber. Quite frankly, there are a number of competitors that seek out her talents and skills for Eventing. One area where she is extremely skilled and has been a serious competitor is through the many different levels of dressage. Boyd Martin and Sylvia Martin together have both relocated from Australia in 2007 to the United States. In terms of trainers, they are considered to be the most sought after by equestrian riders in the US, and the world.

Boyd and Sylvia Martin Horse Training For Dressage

One of the most unique aspects about Boyd and Sylvia Martin will be the fact that they have won a variety of different awards in many different competitions. Although they are both competitive in nature, Sylvia Martin has done quite well for herself being extremely successful in a number of major shows which will include dressage at the CBLM Championships, at Devon, the Florida circuit, and the regional championships. However, it’s important to understand that Mrs. Martin could not be successful without a number of different sponsors. Some of the sponsors include Purina, Smartpak, Charles Owen, Theault Horse boxes, and Stuebben Custom Saddles.

Now, we can’t be carried away with talking about Mrs. Martin without talking about Boyd Martin as well. He has had a number of successes which is why he is one of the most sought after trainers in terms of Eventing. He has had a number of top 10 finishes at very large international events. So, when it comes to their unique style of training as well as their constant abilities to rank higher in equestrian competitions, Boyd and Sylvia Martin will continue to be extremely sought after in terms of their abilities, their training skills, and their commitment to perfection.