Boyd Martin Olympics

Boyd Martin, a US equestrian rider, has really made a name for himself in the 2012 Olympics, especially after overcoming a series of terrible tragedies. It was probably those tragedies that shot Martin to the limelight, because although the US team failed to medal and finished seventh overall, Martin is still considered to be a winner considering everything that has taken place in the last 14 months leading up to his final competition.

Eventing Competitions

First off, before deciding how good or bad the competition was at the 2012 London Olympics, it’s important to understand which Eventing competitions were up for grabs. Quite frankly, there are some individuals that aren’t exactly sure whether equestrian competition is even worthy enough for the Olympics overall. This is only because they don’t understand that there is a lot of skill required in order to work as a team and individual to train as an equestrian rider for this type of competition. With that said, there are those that do believe in this competition a great deal, and one of those individuals goes by the name of Boyd Martin.

Although dealing with personal tragedies up to the competition date, Boyd Martin remained focused with the work that had to be done as well as choosing the horse that would need to be ridden in order to accomplish this superior task. So, let’s take a closer look at some of these competitions and then figure out the Boyd Martin Olympic results.

There were two main events that offered metal for equestrian riding:

* Team Eventing
* Individual Eventing

Within the team Eventing category, equestrian riders would receive results in three different categories:

* Dressage
* Cross-country
* Jumping

In the dressage category the team took away 7th place with a rating of 138.80 on July 28 and 29th. In the cross-country category, the team took away 5th place with a rating of 155.20 on July 30. In the jumping category there would be an overall score of 208.60 formulated as an individual ranking after the jumping final had been completed. It’s important to remind you that the team consisted of:

* Boyd Martin – Otis Barbotiere
* Will Coleman – Twizzel
* Tiana Coudray – Ringwood Magister
* Karen O’Connor – Mr Medicott
* Phillip Dutton – Mystery Whisper

With the amount of talent listed here, you can see that the competition in these categories had to be extremely tight. Moving on to the individual Olympic results of Boyd Martin, you’ll see that the numbers are actually quite impressive.

* Dressage – Boyd Martin tied at 36th place, riding Otis Barbotiere with points of 50.70
* Cross-country – Boyd Martin at 26th place, riding Otis Barbotiere with points of 54.30

Towards the end of the competition, Boyd Martin would withdraw from the competition after being sent to the holding box. It was later found that an infection was present in one of the legs of his mount, Otis Barbotiere. However, the team would go on to place seventh in overall competitions.