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Boyd Martin Ranked 11th Sexiest 2012 Olympic Athlete

Is there a wonder why US Olympian equestrian rider Boyd Martin happens to receive the rank of the 11th sexiest Olympic athlete in 2012? Probably not! Here is an individual that has struggled to maintain composure and inner strength in order to even secure a place in the top rankings at all. The story of Boyd Martin is a compelling one. However, it doesn’t start in July of 2012 but actually starts much earlier when Mr. Martin was a child belonging to two former Olympians by the name of Toa Martin, his mother, and Ross Martin, his father.

In the Beginning

Toa Martin was a mother who understood what it meant to struggle in order to reach your dreams. This is something she knew quite well as a child because she did so in order to become one of the best speed skaters a person would ever come to know in the 1968 Olympics. This can also be said for Boyd Martin’s father Ross Martin who also understood what it meant to be a contender and to do everything possible in order to reach your dreams. One of his dreams was to become part of the Australia cross-country skiing team in 1968.

The determination, commitment, and sheer ability to overcome obstacles had not only been instilled in their lives, the mother and father of Boyd Martin, but also in the life of the younger Martin who would go on to follow his dreams and ambitions. Although life did provide a number of struggles and obstacles for Boyd Martin, he never withered and always stayed focused on what his main objectives and goals were. This would lead him to become the individual that was present at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Tragedy and Obstacles Do Not Stop Boyd Martin

From an early life to an Olympian, Mr. Martin would surely have to deal with a number of different obstacles. However, the obstacles that were lying ahead were not even something key would be able to consider. The 14 months leading up to competitions in the 2012 London Olympics, Martin would be faced with a number of tragedies and obstacles that would make most people simply give up. However, Mr. Martin is an individual that simply refused to give in to these tragedies and misfortune and push forward because of his commitment into termination that was instilled in him as a young child.

From the stable fire at the True Prospect Farm in Eastern PA, where Martin lost six horses including Phantom Pursuit and Summer Breeze, to the death of his father who was killed in Australia while cycling, Mr. Martin has done and exciting and relentless job at being an energetic competitor at the 2012 London Olympics in spite of the devastation in his personal life. So, it’s not only that Boyd Martin has been ranked 11th sexiest 2012 Olympic athlete – it’s that in spite of all of his indifferences, he continues to be just a handsome 32-year-old that simply loves life.